California Evidence Benchbook

CEB and the California Judges Association are joint publishers of the third edition of one of the most widely quoted legal texts of the last 25 years. Authored by the late California Appellate Justice Bernard S. Jefferson (1910-2002) and, in recent years, expanded by a stellar editorial board comprised of 14 of the state’s top lawyers, judges, and law professors, this title established the standards of clarity and precision in the interpretation of evidence issues in California today. This guide to the best way to research evidence issues before going to a hearing, deposition, or trial has been cited in more than 260 published appellate opinions.

Authors: Bernard S. Jefferson
Release: 1982-05
Publisher: Continuing Education of the Bar-California
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0881241016 ISBN 13: 9780881241013
List Price: $155.00

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